Our Partners

While the core team here at Pillar Attorneys is the group that has made us the most trusted practice in the area since our founding in 1985, we wouldn’t have risen to the same level of success if it weren’t for the collection of partners we work with on a daily basis. Every team needs a support system, and ours is a strong one that has been instrumental in making us Hartford’s go-to legal firm. Learn more about the partners who help make Pillar great below.

People and Companies We Are Proud to Partner With

As an instrumental part of the Hartford community, we have made connections with many important people and businesses in the area that have played key roles in helping us achieve the best outcomes for our clients. From people in government to private companies such as detective agencies and crime labs, our partners are high-quality and ensure that you are getting the best help possible when you bring your case to us. We only work with companies that are dedicated to our clients and providing the absolute best services, so even when we need to outsource an aspect of your case, such as an investigation or inquiry, rest assured that it is being handled by a consummate professional.

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Partner Information

Looking to learn more about each of our partners individually? Click their icon in the scrolling section below and visit their official website.