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Founded in 1985, Pillar Attorneys is Connecticut’s trusted law practice. Headquartered centrally in the state capital of Hartford, our team is in a great location to help each and every client across the state. Contact us today to handle your legal needs.

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Expert Lawyers in Hartford, CT

Legal issues can cause major problems for people. From something minor like a traffic violation accusation to something more severe and life-altering, like divorce proceedings, we understand that you want an expert in your corner when these issues arise. Here at Pillar Attorneys, we are experts in all things law, and can help you with equal aptitude regardless of the scope of your situation.

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Our services

We are proud to offer our clients help with a full range of legal services, like the ones listed here.

Family Law

From divorce to custody cases, we can help your family find the best possible solution to your legal concerns.

Wills and Probate Law

If you want to ensure that your family and possessions are properly taken care of after your passing, a well-constructed will is a must.

Criminal Representation

From the smallest traffic violation to a murder accusation, we can help you prove your innocence.

The Pillar Attorney Difference

Unlike many law firms in the area, Pillar Attorneys puts your needs first. We understand that people who come to us do so because of a legal issue that is causing them stress and threatening to affect their life negatively. We are sympathetic to your situation and do all we can to help you while educating you. We will guide you every step of the way so you understand the important details of your case without being overwhelmed by the intricacies involved. You’ll learn about all your options and be able to choose a course of action that suits you best.

Free Consultations, Every Time

We believe in giving people an opportunity to see what we can do for them before they have to commit to anything. That’s why we offer each and every client a completely free consultation appointment up front. We can use that time to talk through your situation and what goals you are trying to achieve by hiring us. We will present you with our thoughts on your case and several possible solutions that we could begin working on for your benefit. If you don’t like what you hear, you are free to walk away with no obligations. We are confident you won’t, though!

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